Each performer gets around 10 minutes to play whatever they like, with or without the accompaniment offered by Richard Bolton (guitar), and Ben Somers (Bass)


Iain Fraser (Scottish/Canadian)

Iain Fraser is an outstanding performer and teacher of Scottish fiddle music. He was principal fiddle teacher in the Scottish Music department of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland between 1995 and 2005 before being appointed Head of Instrumental Music for the Scottish Borders education authority until 2011. In 2002 he wrote “Scottish Fiddle tunes- 60 traditional pieces for violin” and “Canadian Fiddle tunes- 60 traditional pieces for violin” in 2015, both for Schott.

Jock Tyldesley (Cajun/Old Time)

Jock Tyldesley is perhaps best known for his fiddling in Cajun bands such as The Flatville Aces and the Bearcats, as well as more o!-the-wall antics with The New Rope String Band and The Chipolatas. He also nurtures a long-time passion for Southern Appalachian old time fiddling for many years and has spent more time concentrating on this, whilst touring worldwide with his regular bands and US acts such as Eddie LeJeune, The Dirk Powell Band, Martha Scanlan and many more

Tom Moore (English)

Tom is best known for his work in Moore Moss Rutter - a BBC award-winning contemporary folk trio - and in other bands on the UK folk circuit including folk-rockers False Lights.

On top of regular band duties, he has performed with and recorded sessions for a range of well-known artists. Tom has performed at just about every British folk festival, and at numerous mainstream music festivals including Glastonbury, Boomtown, Latitude, Secret Garden Party, London Jazz, Wilderness, and many more.

Dr Chan Dacan (Chinese Erhu)

For the first time at the London Fiddle Convention we are proud to present a player of the Erhu, the long-necked Chinese fiddle with its highly distinctive beautiful and haunting sound. Chen Dacan graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 1964, then taught the erhu there for over 20 years. An expert on Daoist music, he has produced a number of television programmes and recordings. In 1990, Chen moved to England and became a founder member of the UK Chinese Ensemble.


Gundula Gruen (Balkan)

Gundula is a classically trained violinist whose study and passion encompass gypsy, folk and klezmer music from eastern Europe and the Balkans. In 2009 she formed the 5-piece group Tatcho Drom, performing her latest arrangements and compositions.. Until 2014 she was director, principal violinist and singer of the London Gypsy Orchestra, a 45- strong community group. She has spent the last decade exploring and researching the many and various fiddle styles of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, working with various gypsy violin virtuosos such as “Caliu” of Taraf de Haidouks (Romania), Tcha Limberger (Hungary), and Winny Mathias (Germany).


Pete Cooper (English/Old time)

Pete Cooper plays, teaches, composes, records and writes about fiddle music. He is best known for his tutorial books/CD The Complete Irish Fiddle Player (1995), published in the USA by Mel Bay, and his more recent collections issued by Schott; Irish Fiddle Solos, English Fiddle Tunes, Eastern European Fiddle Tunes, and American Old Time Fiddle Tunes. He has taught in China, Japan and India, and runs the London Fiddle School. He performs with “Rattle on the Stovepipe”, with Cooper and Bolton, and most recently participated in the Shirley Collins tour, playing at major venues throughout the country

Chris Haigh (bluegrass)

Chris Haigh has played on over 80 albums, working with artists as diverse as Bob Geldof, Morcheeba, Alison Moyet, James Galway, Michael Ball, and Oumou Sangari. He has played at private parties for Paul McCartney, Sting and Elton John, has filled the Albert Hall with goth rockers All about Eve, and appeared at the Hammersmith Apollo with Riverdance He covers a huge range of fiddle styles with ease and authority, and has written nine books on fiddling, mostly for Schott. Chris’s website, www.fiddlingaround.co.uk gets a million hits a year and is the primary source of fiddle information on the web.



Here's a list of some of the former participants;


Sylvia Hallett
Ashley Reed
Rick Townend
Robin McKidd
Graeme Taylor
Cedric Thorose
Chris Wood
Frank Kilkelly
Theresa Heaneu
Tony Moffatt
Bobby Valentino
Pierre LeRue
Anne Wood
Dave Wright
Johnny Van Derrick
Sean Smith
Miriam Kavenagh
Barry Wickens
Jenny Gardiner
Alice Gwinnell
Richard Collins
Joe Giltrap
Dermott O'Connor
Karen Ryan
Pete Quinn
Kate Lissauer
Joe Locker
Robin Gillam
Richard Bolton
Steve Moffatt
Naomi Anner
Ian Pressland
Ade Ward
Laurel Swift
Mary Ward Fiddle Band
Joe Townsend
Kate Hands
Kubryk Townsend
Tymon Dogg
Sarah Harrison
Igor Outkine
Freddie Smith

Emese Hrsuka

George Kaye

Tim Kliphuis

Olly Blanchflower

Bernard O'Neill

Alan Dunn

Adib Rastami

Matt Tighe

Erin Smith


Adib Rastami

Nicolas Magriel

Ben Pitt

Jaya Hanley

Sarah James

Sam Proctor



Iain Fraser


Jock Tyldesley


Tom Moore


Dr Chen Dacan

Gundula Gruen

pete cooper fiddle

Pete Cooper


Ben Somers

chris haigh

Chris Haigh