WORKSHOPS (Feb 25th 2018)


Commitee room; Pete Cooper; Basic/intermediate: English Traditional: Explore some great tunes from the golden age of English fiddle music.

Storrow; Chris Haigh (Bluegrass) . (Intermediate to advanced) Learn a simple Bluegrass tune, and discover how to decorate and ornament it with double stopping, drones, kickoffs, ornaments and a solo break



Trefusus; Gundula Gruen; Children's workshop; for beginners on violin, viola or cello, with a minimum of three months of regular lessons, up to grade 1. A fun fiddle workshop for youngsters to experience music making together. Bring your own instrument!

Commitee room; Chris Haigh (fiddle chopping). (intermediate to advanced); Discover the exciting new rhythmic technique pioneered by Richard Greene, Darol Anger and Casey Driessen

Storrow; Jock Tyldesley (Cajun fiddle; intermediate) Jock will teach a cajun tune explain rhythm, style and ornamentation and include backing chords and a second fiddle harmony.

Bar: Iain Fraser; Scottish Fiddle workshop (Intermediate to advanced) For players who would like to dig into the rhythms and ornamentation ideas of some of the older Scottish repertoire. However Iain’s workshop will also include ideas on developing different stylistic ideas, rhythmic playing and musicality using the pieces sampled from his Book of Scottish fiddle tunes.


3.15pm – 4.15pm.

Tutors’ Concert 3.15pm – 4.15pm. Open and free to all workshop participants. This is designed to allow the tutors to briefly demonstrate what they have been doing in their workshops for the benefit of all the participants, rather than just those who attended their own.



Trefusis; Gundula Gruen; Romanian Dances (intermediate to advanced) Learn some cheerful, slightly exotic fiddle tunes from Romania. Mostly by ear, we will learn tunes and accompaniment, phrasing and embellishment, aiming to make these tunes dance on your fiddle.

Commitee room; Pete Cooper (Intermediate/ advanced): Irish Traditional: Learn bowing patterns and ornamentation to bring out the inner life of classic tunes from Irish fiddle tradition.

Storrow; Jock Tyldesley (Old Time) Jock will teach one or two old time tunes with some common bowing patterns and an introduction to open tunings.

Bar; Iain Fraser; Canadian Fiddle Workshop (Intermediate to advanced) For players who would like to find out more about the diverse styles found in Canada - Old time, Ukrainian, Métis Celtic and French. Iain’s workshop will include listening to some archive examples of players from very early recordings in the 1920’s but he will also discuss his approach to playing other styles. Tunes will be sampled from his book of Canadian Fiddle Tunes.